About us

Founded by Andrey Shvidkiy and Giulio Brambilla, Tribute is an Italian furniture and lightning design brand that aims to present its customers the exclusive possibility of creating the space of their home, hotel or restaurant just the way they want it. With every collection, we challenge ourselves to respond to the demands of each client by bringing the excellence of craftsmanship and inspirational design to life. And thereby to share our love to the art of making outstanding interior pieces which will help build the desired portrait of your home, where the architectural background and the furniture unites in one and brings integrity to the space.

But it is not just the beautiful furniture we want to share. With its products, Tribute broadcasts a special state of mind and way of living – living with style and class. In other words, with our work we want to make a tribute. What’s it a tribute to? To the iconic “Made in Italy” quality. To a timeless but yet innovative design. To uniqueness.

Tribute to craftsmanship

The artisanal techniques and innovative manufacture, finest modern materials and the wisdom of craftsmen – we have taken a perfect quality rule as the basic principle in the production of furniture and lightning. Tribute is always in search of new technologies, best fabrics, and creative ideas to meet the high standards of “Made in Italy” quality. Along with innovation and evolution, we strive to keep in mind one more aspect of making perfect furniture – it simply has to be comfortable. And by having a committed and attentive team we know for sure that it is.

Tribute to design

The brand’s philosophy lies in the pursuit to evoke the feeling of desire and pure inspiration. To achieve that Tribute took the style codes of the grand Art Deco epoch and Mid-century modern with its geometry, opulence and radiant energy. The elegant silhouettes combined with rich colors compose the signature Tribute pieces suited for both commercial and personal projects. Our vision of sophisticated design is reflected in every detail and aspect of creating the masterpiece – from accessories to tailoring.

Your idea. Your Tribute

We wish to not just provide you with the fancy furniture, but also to exclusively make it for you to meet the wishes and ideas you have in mind. Because we want you to be happy with the piece you get. Upon request, Tribute is ready to customize any product you liked from the catalogue. Whether you want an armchair inexact color you most love or a sofa to fit the architectural specifications – you got it. Every person’s dreams come indifferent shades, shapes and textures, and we will do our best to make that dream come true.